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preWOC camp, middle (26/06/2014)
Kategoria: Training
Mapa/teren: Baricata
Kraj: Italy
Dystans: 7.13 km
Czas: 51:39
Średnie tętno: 158
Maksymalne tętno: 171
We were bound to run this one fast, which I did. However, I felt a bit tired after all the sprint stuff in Venice, but that was not the biggest problem. The biggest problem was my piteous technique... I missed the 6th one, but got on the right track again. I even won the splits to 8th and 9th. I must have felt so self-confident that I fought that the 10th control would find it by itself. Poor me. And another silliness towards the 15th one. Obviously, not enough time spent on map this season. I was really helpless after this training session, but I was not the only one (Kowal as well). The only positive thing was that I was not going to run middle at this year's WOC.

B. Pawlak 41:21,
W. Kowalski ~51:00,
R. Podziński 51:39.
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preWOC camp, middle (26/06/2014) preWOC camp, middle (26/06/2014)