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MP camp, long W20 from JWOC 2011 (13/09/2014)
Kategoria: Training
Mapa/teren: Wejherowo Park
Kraj: Poland
Dystans: 9.69 km
Czas: 58:06
Średnie tętno: 162
Maksymalne tętno: 178
Our course ended at 18th control. Ran in average speed, as my heart rate estimates. Made an awful mistake towards the 4th one (5 minutes lost!). Got confused at the halfway of the leg and then landed on a very big crossing - the tracks got much wider than in 2011 and I couldn't find myself back...

All in all, I would have gotten no medal that day:
1. Ida 51:53
2. Emma 53:31
3. Tove 54:21
4. me ~57:00.
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MP camp, long W20 from JWOC 2011 (13/09/2014) MP camp, long W20 from JWOC 2011 (13/09/2014)