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Witaj w moim zbiorze map do biegu na orientację! / Welcome to collection of my maps!

Na tej stronie publikuję mapy, trasy i przebiegi z zawodów i treningów w jakich brałem udział.

LiDAR-O 1 - Ślęża (26/01/2014)
Niedziela 26 Stycznia 2014
Ślęża, Kowal, Poland
LiDAR-O on the Holy Mountain - Ślęża. On this kind of training my respect for this Mountain only rises. Scenery was like in Nar...
Mapa 3 - Lasek Rędziński (25/01/2014)
Sobota 25 Stycznia 2014
Wrocław - Lasek Rędziśnki, Kostia, Poland
Interval session. Part usual map, part LiDAR with 1m contours. Heavy legs after last 10 days and icy weather determined not so fas...
Mapa 1 - Lasek Osobowicki (24/01/2014)
Piątek 24 Stycznia 2014
Wrocław - Lasek Osobowicki, WKS Śląsk Wrocław, Poland
Back home and the final episode of mastering the home forest. This time I run this course only from memory, without map and compas...
Mapa 1 - Bj?rneg?rd-Tanum (22/01/2014)
Środa 22 Stycznia 2014
Bj?rneg?rd-Tanum, Il Tyrving, Norway
Last training in Norway. Part was urban sprint, part was forest sprint, which actually was a disaster due to deep snow and tiredne...
Mapa 1 - Blommenholm (21/01/2014)
Wtorek 21 Stycznia 2014
Blommenholm, Il Tyrving, Norway
The only place with possibly snow condition is on the coast line. So we did training in ankle height snow in small forest near to ...
Mapa 1 - Oslo (20/01/2014)
Poniedziałek 20 Stycznia 2014
Oslo, Il Tyrving, Norway
Night Sprint
Some fancy training in some fancy place. Afterwards dinner at Anders's home in even more fancy place.
Mapa 2 - Sandvika (16/01/2014)
Czwartek 16 Stycznia 2014
Sandvika, Il Tyrving, Norway
Night Sprint
Winter is finally here, although I have to go to Norway to meet her. Conditions were tough around 30cm of fresh snow and it was sn...
Mapa 1 - Lasek Osobowicki (12/01/2014)
Niedziela 12 Stycznia 2014
Wrocław - Lasek Osobowicki, Poland
Another tale in making life/training harder. This time with 0,5 m contours, really shaping imagination. Lots of zig-zaging, my hea...
Mapa 1 - Lasek Osobowicki (10/01/2014)
Piątek 10 Stycznia 2014
Wrocław - Lasek Osobowicki, Poland
First of all this is my new home for maps, thanks to Sławek and biegnaorientacje.pl since now I will use this location, if anyone...