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Warszawa Nocą E3 (13/01/2016)
Kategoria: Competitions
Mapa/teren: Gocław
Dystans: 2.44 km
Czas: 13:39
traking: http://app2.trackcourse.com/view/wn2015e3prof night competition, mass start, no snow before race, but it started to snow during, thus very slippery paved lanes. Bad starting position and big crowd on the bridge, ok race after that, even best split to 3pk. I was about to take the lead leaving 9pk when other competitor (Sokal) with turned off lamp knocked me down, right knee started to hurt, I struggled to continue but decided to abandon race after 10pk. Bad fucking luck!
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Warszawa Nocą E3 (13/01/2016) Warszawa Nocą E3 (13/01/2016)