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ŁPT E5 (handicap) (17/03/2016)
Kategoria: Competition
Mapa/teren: CKD
Kraj: Poland
Konkurencja (dystans): night sprint
Dystans: 5.46 km
Czas: 24:20
Średnie tętno: 170
Maksymalne tętno: 177
3rd part of my sprint tournée. Started 12th ( organized 2 of 4 stages) 4:25 behind - or actually 11th and 4:05 behind, cause Rzeniu couldn't take part. :( Thanks to a very technical course (by Domiś), Karol's bad day and my satisfying perfomance, I could finish the whole tour with the medal - 3rd! Behind Pasza and Marian.
Clearly worse routechoice to the 17th, cause I lost my headlamp (from my head) just before this leg and consciously chose this one as it was much easier to pursue, even with no light. I managed to fix my lamp pretty quickly, but the decision had already been made. Bad mapping at the 10th control - wasn't possible to get to the control from the south, only from the east.

2nd, 0:11 behind Duduś.
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ŁPT E5 (handicap) (17/03/2016) ŁPT E5 (handicap) (17/03/2016)