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middle (no tracks) (27/02/2016)
Kategoria: Training
Mapa/teren: Gałkówek
Kraj: Poland
Dystans: 6.09 km
Czas: 31:25
Średnie tętno: 167
Maksymalne tętno: 175
Brand new map made by Jaco Moro. Training with SI prepared by coach Piotr.

Tried to run fast in spite of my poor shape. A little hesitant at the end of the 1st leg - had to get into the map (5''). Good plan and execution towards 5th one but it was a really tough control to attack precisely - fortunately, the hole was not that deep and could see the control flag in a while (5''). Great compass bearing at the next three legs. Very easy leg to control no. 9 and then I made a kind of a parallel mistake - thought I was going through the green using the vegetation boundary, whereas I went through the semi-open area. I turned left afterwards but it seemed to me to be miles away so I went back and lost a lot of time (60''). Perfect execution of 11-15. Tricky leg to no. 16 - coming from the middle of nowhere to the area with lots of depressions. I planned to catch the contour and the two big holes. I went past two big holes with exactly the same arrangement but realised after a while (thanks to the root stock) that these were the ones to the left (5''). My second big mistake happened while attacking the 17th control - I looked at my left side and could see this oval depression afar and decided to turn a little bit to the left which was completely unnecessary cause my direction was perfectly okay! I realised that I got to close to the track and had to go back and saw Domiś punching this control. I also think that this hole seemed to be situated not at the top of the mountain but slightly lower (40''). 18th - little hesitation due to seeing another root stock (not marked on the map, 5'').

All in all, clearly satisfied with this performance in a completely new and fun terrain. The time of 29:23 reachable today.

1st, 2:44 ahead of Marian.
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middle (no tracks) (27/02/2016) middle (no tracks) (27/02/2016)