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27m corridor (18/02/2016)
Kategoria: Training
Mapa/teren: Arturówek/Łodzianka
Kraj: Poland
Dystans: 10.95 km
Czas: 92:55
Corridor prepared on my own. Having some fun with OCAD. Not a master yet, anyway.
Inspired by TGIF: 'I usually use ~21m corridors but today I decided for an easier one of 27m width cause I didn't know if I would manage to keep my focus high enough'. I though that it would be smart of me to start with that easier one;) Deliberately, I took no backup map so that I was forced to be fully concentrated all the time not to screw up this training. I did it clockwise.

Great start. Then, extremely difficult straight with light green and a dark green dot on the turn. It turned out from the track that I actually managed to spot it but then I kept a slightly wrong direction (cause I still thought that I might have been too early) which led to a parallel mistake with the greens. Fortunately, there was a rescue path and a root stock just behind to get me back in the game:)
Just before my next mistake I got distracted by a strange woman with a huge dog, who shouted like a freak and I got pretty scared. I even stopped my watch and waited for her to move on. However, this mistake was made because I saw some root stocks in the terrain (wasn't sure if they're in the exact direction of my corridor but didn't manage to see any other to the right) and just ran towards them. Then, two rescue paths and different colours helped a lot!
I got into trouble for the 3rd (and last) time because I was sure that I went too far looking for the second last root stock on my way and began to correct my direction. Then, I saw a green area which shape was almost exactly the same as the one that I was looking for, so I felt like home. How wrong I was! From the track you can see that everything was perfect apart from my will to correct the direction...
The remaining part of the session went just superb;-)

PS Next time 21m or still 27m but at night.
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27m corridor (18/02/2016) 27m corridor (18/02/2016)