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Warszawa Nocą E3 (mass start) (13/01/2016)
Kategoria: Competition
Mapa/teren: Gocław
Kraj: Poland
Konkurencja (dystans): night sprint
Dystans: 6.42 km
Czas: 28:00
Średnie tętno: 171
Maksymalne tętno: 178
GPS tracking: http://app2.trackcourse.com/view/wn2015e3prof

First such a fast race after my 2nd surgery. It didn't suit me so well that it was a mass start but I decided to test myself and especially my leg. Yesterday's visit at my doctor boosted my self-confidence and I was ready to take the challenge.

There were two rows at the start in the alphabetical order - that's why I was in the 2nd one. It was a really poor starting position and I had to catch up already at the very beginning. I didn't even bother to find the best routechoice to the 1st control - I just took care of my right ankle and followed Karol Galicz (unfortunately, Papi could not compete) who began to run furiously fast! Later on, I was sure that the left choice to the 1st one must have been better but it wasn't - some metres longer. I ran with the pace of 3:17/km to that control and still punched it 6secs behind Karol (and already felt quite exhausted). Fortunately, the butterflies came really soon and I could go alone to the southern one. I just kept my pace and did stable orienteering and left these loops as a leader. Unfortunately, on my way to the 9th control (no. 5 on this map) I got into a trap and entered a hedge dead-end. Actually there was quite a big hole between the hedge and the building in the terrain but only after crossing it I decided to check it on the map (I supposed that it might have been impassable) and got to know that my thoughts were right but I just didn't want to run back and spoil my race so I carried on and admitted my DSQ in the event centre afterwards.
The first job was done - I could do my own race from there on, which I was very happy with! I hesitated a bit towards the 13th control as I had thought that I could go straight but realised that quite quickly and found a good alternative. 15th - 20m shorter from the left side but I got TOO afraid of these slippery stairs... 17th - 7 (!) different routechoices ranging from 496m to 525m (only 29m difference!); I really lacked the sprint habit that day (no surprise at all) and had to stop at the 16th one to choose my way to that control; my routechoice was 508m long and I suppose that the most southern one (501m) might have been the fastest here. From time to time I saw Karol some ~20'' behind me but I knew that this advantage was quite safe all the time. 19th - not an optimal routechoice here (should have gone through 27th here, the rightmost alternative was 20m shorter but much more curvy and demanded much more detailed map reading) and going too far at the end (all in all, 10sec lost).
20th (24. here) - entered this earth bank too early and had to do it again cause the control flag was situated on the eastern side of the tree. 21st (25. here) - disqualified again (I was sure that this linear feature was light green but only part of it was, the other one was olive...), realised that after watching the gps tracking from the race. The rest of this phi-loop went pretty well.
I didn't want to make another loop with the stairs on the leftmost part of the map (which was NOT AT ALL necessary during this leg!) and chose the eastern routechoice to the 27th control which was more than 50m longer! About 15sec lost... Then, I underestimated the 28th control and got into a trap (long hedge, should have used the stairs beforehand). At the end of the 29th leg I began to run much more slowly since I noticed no-one who could go past me. Suddenly, going to punch the 30th one I heard someone behind me - it was Wojtek Dudek. I was pretty surprised, but chose the right way to the finish (left one, he took the other) and could win easily, 0:12 ahead of him.
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Warszawa Nocą E3 (mass start) (13/01/2016) Warszawa Nocą E3 (mass start) (13/01/2016)