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When straight is the only option! (09/01/2016)
Kategoria: Training
Mapa/teren: Łodzianka
Kraj: Poland
Konkurencja (dystans): szwajcarka
Dystans: 7.95 km
Czas: 61:49
Średnie tętno: 128
Maksymalne tętno: 143
I asked Pasza to prepare this kind of training for me at the same course as EM at our prestigious local competition called PoZnO.

1 - 3m more (2,3%)
2 - 13m more (3,6%)
3 - 50m more (8,4%), all the time a liitle bit to the left, but a really easy place to recognise at the end
4 - 13m more (6,8%)
5 - 646m more... (97,7%), missed the control by some 110m (!) to the left; fortunately, I managed to spot this little stream in the NE part of the control circle and found my way back (thanks to knowing the map too well...); remark: this lighter green in the circle should be white (and is actually white on the whole map), some problems with printer?
6 - 111m more (20,8%), bad part of this training session for me and again a miss; however, this time only some 30m from the control, but again to the left - suspicious... gotta check my compass or running technique later on!
7 - 22m more (4,5%), got a little hesitant in the middle part, but just kept my way all the time
8 - 5m more (2,8%)
9 - 8m more (1,7%)
10 - 45m more (9,7%), too much to the left out of the previous control and had to correct it at the end (shape of the contour helped a lot)
11 - 10m more (3,8%)
12 - 18m more (2,1%), definitely the LEG OF THE DAY for me!
13 - 21m more (4,4%)
14 - 18m more (3,5%)
15 - 15m more (5,1%)
F - 18m more (4,3%)

If it hadn't been for the 5th and 6th control, I would have reached a nice percentage of 4,5% (gaining just less than 260m on 5740m course). But in sport there are no 'if-it-hadn't-beens'. Fortunately, it was just a nice training;)
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When straight is the only option! (09/01/2016) When straight is the only option! (09/01/2016)