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New Year's corridor from W. Dyzio (06/01/2016)
Kategoria: Training
Mapa/teren: Łodzianka
Kraj: Poland
Konkurencja (dystans): corridor
Dystans: 17.48 km
Czas: 156:12
Średnie tętno: 126
Maksymalne tętno: 149
Good start, then forgot about the bottom line from 'Ę' and had to go back. Some of the paths were cut off from this southern part, which I had no idea about, so it made it even more difficult.
The biggest problems came with the letter 'Ś'. While going downhill, I underestimated the distance, confused the green areas and I got in trouble going back up the hill. I found my way back thanks to the hole after visiting the big track beforehand. In this case a small path close to the knoll would have helped a lot!
Little detour on the 'O' and the 2nd 'G' letter - it was nice to get to know this bushy northern part precisely, which we always tend to omit;P Minor miss on the '6' digit as well.

A bit tough to keep the concentration high after more than 2 hours, having in mind that I'm gonna be late for my lunch at grandma's (getting more and more hungry every single second) and my parents gonna be anxious as hell, cause I don't run with my mobile phone and have no possibility to let them know... But I just had to finish it off and I DID manage to keep the focus high enough! Actually, there was a few cm of snow, so sometimes I just followed my steps back to let my brain rest for a while;D

[first O-run with my new Suunto Ambit3 Peak - perfect watch!]
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New Year's corridor from W. Dyzio (06/01/2016) New Year's corridor from W. Dyzio (06/01/2016)