course from WN 2013 (Zuchwali) (22/12/2014)
Kategoria: Training
Mapa/teren: Metro Marymont
Kraj: Poland
Konkurencja (dystans): sprint
Dystans: 1.43 km
Czas: 7:41
Średnie tętno: 152
Maksymalne tętno: 162
Just after the previous course on 'Sady Żoliborskie' map. Here I met some challenges, as I had to split the course into 4 kinda intervals, due to roadworks alongside AK alley. What's more, I mispunched 7th and 8th on the last (fourth) part. The one presented above is actually the 1st one. The weather was quite shitty, rainy and muddy - I didn't like it at all.
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course from WN 2013 (Zuchwali) (22/12/2014) course from WN 2013 (Zuchwali) (22/12/2014)