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Grand Prix Silesia E5 (shortened long) (03/08/2014)
Kategoria: Competition
Mapa/teren: Vidnava
Kraj: Czech Republic
Dystans: 1.73 km
Czas: 12:03
Średnie tętno: 150
Maksymalne tętno: 170
Being really tired after 2 weeks of very solid training. Just wanted to run a clean race technically. Everything was well under control. As soon as I saw the 2nd control's flag, I decided to push harder on the uphill, knowing that after the punch I would just have to go down to the next one. While running down the hill and going past the bushes, I decided to look at the map to set the right direction and suddenly... I fell down and shouted. I twisted my right ankle. At first I thought that it's not so serious and I even wanted to follow the course (as you can see on the map). But the leg was not that stable and I knew that it was just one week for WUOC to go, so I decided to quit the course. It was a really wise choice, cause in the evening my foot got so swollen (after a long car drive home). Two days later I did an MRI scan and got to know that one of the 3 ligaments is torn. Bye, bye WUOC :(

It's interesting when I will publish the next map from the forest...?

P.S. And just on Monday I also got this GP Silesia virus (zvracet). Eh, it never rains but it pours.
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Grand Prix Silesia E5 (shortened long) (03/08/2014) Grand Prix Silesia E5 (shortened long) (03/08/2014)