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Grand Prix Silesia E4 (forest sprint) (02/08/2014)
Kategoria: Competition
Mapa/teren: Vidnava
Kraj: Czech Republic
Dystans: 3.02 km
Czas: 18:24
If I felt tired before the morning middle distance, then I felt extremely tired before this forest sprint race. So tired that I didn't even take time to warm up properly. That's why my legs were quite stiff at the beginning of the course. It might be the reason why I made so many stupid (direction) mistakes and almost got disqualified at the 11th control, where I already punched some other unit, but fortunately recalled its code at the right time. On the downhill from the 22nd control I had the speed of the leaders, which made me smile a little bit.

11th, 3'38 behind Tomas Kubelka.
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Grand Prix Silesia E4 (forest sprint) (02/08/2014) Grand Prix Silesia E4 (forest sprint) (02/08/2014)