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Grand Prix Silesia E3 (middle) (02/08/2014)
Kategoria: Competition
Mapa/teren: Vidnava
Kraj: Czech Republic
Dystans: 6.69 km
Czas: 43:44
Another middle distance race I was really eager to compete in. Although I hadn't felt so fresh just before the start, I decided to focus on my technique and push as hard as possible (if possible). One more time I had the speed of the best or even a bit better, leading the course after 10 controls and being only some seconds behind M. Hubacek at the 13th one. Then, quite an easy control. I was in full control: good direction, checking the contours, small clearing and little path starting from there on. I am preparing to punch the unit, but... there's no control on the path! I had spent 1'30 before I realised that it was a new path just some 7m right from the path existing on the map... Then, I couldn't find my previous flow and made another mistakes (some of them due to getting very tired during tough uphills). Shit!

5th, 3'53 behind Michal Hubacek.
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Grand Prix Silesia E3 (middle) (02/08/2014) Grand Prix Silesia E3 (middle) (02/08/2014)