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WOC relay, 1st leg (12/07/2014)
Kategoria: Competition
Mapa/teren: Campomulo
Kraj: Italy
[the controls in bigger pink circles are my forkings - not actually the right code numbers;)]

A little bit longer story here. Due to my military service (being in the barracks January-April), my training possibilities were strongly limited. As a really competitive person, I decided to focus mainly on the sprint distance. That meant that my forest preparations were based on some Polish competitions in May and June. From December 2nd I spent just some measly 61 hours with the map in my hand (lots of that sprint maps). Moreover, I lacked the physical strength to run in such a challenging terrain. I was prepared to run quite fast on the asphalt roads, but as soon as some stony, soft ground appeared, I didn't feel strong at all. Taking these into account, I just couldn't do well in this relay. What's more, our team leader decided to change my leg just one day before the start (from 2nd to 1st). This made it even worse for me mentally. I even don't want to focus on my technical mistakes right now, cause the race had already been lost before it actually began... However, there's also a bright side of this whole shit: Rino and Kowal did great races and we ended up in 12th spot (11 places better than last year in Finland).

Team: Podzio, Rino, Kowal.

Leg place: 30th, 11:10 behind F. Tranchand.
Team place: 12th: 17:55 behind Sweden.
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WOC relay, 1st leg (12/07/2014) WOC relay, 1st leg (12/07/2014)