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Jukola, 4th leg (15/06/2014)
Kategoria: Competition
Mapa/teren: Kuopio
Kraj: Finland
Konkurencja (dystans): relay
Dystans: 8.68 km
Czas: 57:18
Średnie tętno: 162
Maksymalne tętno: 178
Didn't feel well after spending 2 nights in a cold military tent... Just wanted to run flawlessly, avoiding any bigger mistakes. The beginning was maybe not fast enough, but with no technical problems. These came towards the 7th and 8th control. Afterwards I gained some self-confidence again and speeded up a bit. At the beginning of the 15th leg my group was really insecure and I decided to run on my own. I was first towards the control circle, but didn't find the flag immediately, so they caught me up again. Really nice terrain to run!

Leg place: 44th, 5:44 behind E. I. Sandberg (19 places up).
Team place (Raumar Orienteering): 53rd, 1:07:20 behind Kalevan Rasti.
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Jukola, 4th leg (15/06/2014) Jukola, 4th leg (15/06/2014)