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World Cup sprint qualification (11/06/2014)
Kategoria: Competition
Mapa/teren: Imatra
Kraj: Finland
Didn't feel very well at the warm-up, but knew I had to start fast and keep it all the way. I managed it quite well, though I began getting extremely tired towards the end of the course. As for the technical part, I mainly chose good routes and could have only cut my final time by some 5 seconds. Unfortunately, I landed in the 41st position, 2 seconds out of the final (only the 40 best qualified). However, in such a strong field (http://www.worldcupimatra2014.com/@Bin/258290/Men_SQ.pdf) I was really satisfied with my effort and got a good feeling before the coming WOC races.

Quite intriguing is the leg to the 2nd control: the right option (my choice) is 41m shorter, but Rino (choosing the left one) got an equal split as me. And that's the same thing that the Danes found out in their analysis. Strange...

41st, 1:00 behind J. Leandersson, 0:06 behind B. Pawlak.
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World Cup sprint qualification (11/06/2014) World Cup sprint qualification (11/06/2014)