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MP middle (part I) (08/06/2014)
Kategoria: Competition
Mapa/teren: Młodzieszyn Zachód
Kraj: Poland
Dystans: 4.69 km
Czas: 29:11
Średnie tętno: 173
Maksymalne tętno: 181
After last weekend's training and earlier preparation I couldn't actually believe that this forest might be that difficult and tricky! And that was my biggest mistake... I hit the 1st one really well, but lost control already to the 2nd control (1min). Then, a better flow until the 8th one and next time loss to the 9th control (1'10). 3 good legs and a little disaster to the 13th one (1'30). And finally... the REAL DISASTER to the 14th one (4'20!). I was going straight with some control, but suddenly saw sth which looked like a big clearing and became sure that I was too far to the left. I changed my direction and then the nightmare began. I felt lost like an M10 child and my brain went completely off. I even turned off my stopwatch and wanted to quit the course. Fortunately, Kowalski caught me by 8 (!) minutes and found the control for me. Although I didn't follow him, I decided to finish the race and try to win 500 PLN on the last 180m.

To be continued in part II.
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MP middle (part I) (08/06/2014) MP middle (part I) (08/06/2014)