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KMP club relay, 6th leg (25/05/2014)
Kategoria: Competition
Mapa/teren: Helusz
Kraj: Poland
Dystans: 8.02 km
Czas: 46:11
Średnie tętno: 167
Maksymalne tętno: 176
Went out as 5th just after the 4th place, 19mins (!) behind the leaders and respectively 12 and 4 minutes behind the 2nd and 3rd spot. Ran away from Wawel Kraków already on the 1st forking. Did my own race until the 7th control, where I noticed M. Wensław from Azymut 45 Gdynia. I tried to push even harder and closed the gap towards the 9th control. Then, we chose different route choices. Mine must have been better, but I didn't attack this control securely enough and Mały got away from me for a while. I struggled again to catch him and managed it towards the 12th control. I took the initiative at the next control and never gave it back. I ran fast and clean the last part and gained a gap of some 20secs.

So I came to the finish as 3rd team, still 19mins behind the leaders, but only 1 minute behind the 2nd team. That was a really good race! Unfortunately, just after my race I was informed we were disqualified due to Piotrek's mispuch on the previous leg. Shit happens... If it hadn't been for that, we would have possibly won (even though the time loss had been so huge before the last 7th leg), but in sport there are no "would have beens"!

Team: Łukasz, Krzysiek, Ola, Agata, Piotrek, Rafał, Ewa.

2nd leg time, 0'20 behind Papuś.
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KMP club relay, 6th leg (25/05/2014) KMP club relay, 6th leg (25/05/2014)