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Zebricek B Cechy (middle in H21B) (11/05/2014)
Kategoria: Competition
Mapa/teren: Stare Mesto pod Landstejnem
Kraj: Czech Republic
Dystans: 6.51 km
Czas: 33:18
Średnie tętno: 169
Maksymalne tętno: 177
Just before the competition I was allowed to start as the last runner in H21B. However, I was not promised that there was going to be a map for me (cause they had only one in reserve), so I took control descriptions for both classes with me. Fortunately, I managed to grab the desired map and did my best on a very pleasant course. Great flow in the green and in the last part from the 17th control. On the last 8 easy controls I managed to gain the advantage of more than 40 seconds ahead of J. Kamenicky, picking second by second on each of the splits. My legs felt like flying - perfect feeling! There's one interesting fact about the 14th control, where so many runners did big mistakes, judging from the splits. But it's no time and place to complain about that.

Unofficial 1st place, 0'43 ahead of Jakub Kamenicky. Test passed! ;-)
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Zebricek B Cechy (middle in H21B) (11/05/2014) Zebricek B Cechy (middle in H21B) (11/05/2014)