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MP middle (part II) (08/06/2014)
Kategoria: Competition
Mapa/teren: Młodzieszyn Zachód
Kraj: Poland
Dystans: 3.19 km
Czas: 20:17
Średnie tętno: 157
Maksymalne tętno: 181
As mentioned in the previous part, the organizers prepared the prize (500 PLN) from one of the sponsors for the best male and female runner on the finish of the middle distance course. If more runners achieved an equal time, then the youngest takes it all. I hadn't actually planned to take part in it, but after such a disastrous effort earlier in the course I decided just to punch all the controls until the end (it was one of the requirements) and give my best on the last metres. In the end, I was 1 second behind 3 guys, so this challenge was lost as well. Even if I had been 1 second faster, I would have only been the 2nd youngest. Nice idea and great fun, anyway!

15th, 12:39 behind W. Kowalski.

http://app.trackcourse.com/view/mp2014sredni-m21 (GPS tracking)
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MP middle (part II) (08/06/2014) MP middle (part II) (08/06/2014)