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O-Games E2, shortened long (chasing start) (18/05/2014)
Kategoria: Competition
Mapa/teren: Ślęża
Kraj: Poland
Dystans: 14.48 km
Czas: 91:47
Średnie tętno: 166
Maksymalne tętno: 176
Great course with forkings and butterflies. Had problems keeping up the speed of the best on the uphills. On the other hand, felt really well on downhills and in flat parts (if you could find any...). Mistakes made this race much more spectacular. I was too weak to fight for the podium place. The 4th spot was within reach and I competed against Grabek throughout the course, until the 31st control, where I executed the leg quite badly and missed some time in the control circle, as well. After the last spectator control and map change I was followed by Mikołaj Dutkowski. I didn't feel at my best, but all I wanted to do was to punch the 37th control first, cause I knew that downhill running was my strong side that day. I managed that and kept leading all the way until the last (too acute!) curve on the finish (some 20m before the finish line), where I got pushed by him and landed on the ground, hurting my left knee.

All in all, 5th place in total, ex aequo with Mikołaj, 3'15 behind the podium.
7th time of the day, 8'29 behind Kowal.

http://app.trackcourse.com/view/o-games2014 (GPS tracking)
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O-Games E2, shortened long (chasing start) (18/05/2014) O-Games E2, shortened long (chasing start) (18/05/2014)